virtual | sex Author: Peter kayaker Mar 2020

Virtual sex releases our erotic fantasy

These are virtual sexual relationships, in real time at a distance, with remote masturbation through digital network devices.

Explicitly sexual and erotic videos and photos have become a constant on social media. You no longer need to connect to an erotic, fake and paid chat. Why shouldn't I use social networks to establish remote sexual relationships? You can get out of the routine of a relationship made of family duties, work stress, exhausting social environments and above all incomplete sex, simply with a smartphone. A new element has been included in the life of the company. These are virtual sexual relationships, in real time at a distance, with remote masturbation through digital network devices. Wrong towards your real partner? Why? Let's analyze it better.

The relationship on the Internet is different from the real one. There is no sentimental, real or social involvement. In short, you don't offer him dinner, jewelry and more. There is no physical contact: everything is done through photos and your mobile device. Why does the moral question of lawfulness arise? For conformists this type of behavior is considered a violation of the loyalty of the couple relationship. But the world is moving towards a transformation of the traditional couple. Can you have sex with the same person for twenty years?

And each of them will undergo transformations of sexual desire over time. For example, did you know that a mature man needs to see nudity to excite his penis well? If not, he will think his penis isn't working. Once upon a time there were erotic comics, then Playboy, then porn videos. It is now possible to relate remotely sexually. A real couple must have their own private spaces, at work, between friends or girlfriends, their hobbies, etc. Keeping one's sexuality sheltered from the monotonous and obsessive events of the oppressive society is a right for each of us.

Women also need to see something new in sex that is not in the dark and in the usual double bed. It is not treason! It is the desire to keep sex hormones awake. It is the desire to introduce sexual novelties into one's relationship. It is curious to see the nudity of other countries in the world, how others experience sexuality. Not only photos and videos but also thoughts, appreciation of your body. The mature woman needs her naked body to be appreciated. And he wants to be appreciated by others.

A new path has therefore been opened, the virtual relationship between people who will never meet and who live a different sexuality. The conclusion of exchanges of erotic words and nudity photos will have the masturbation of both as an epilogue. It is certainly worth considering an improvement when the sexual outburst remains without any sentimental involvement and without the virtual relationship becoming real. The old maxim of Charles Pierce is always valid "Sex is like a bridge: if you don't have a good partner, it is better that you have a good hand".

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