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Walking naked, a natural lifestyle

Bare trekking is a practice that is opening up followers in nudist countries.

It's free, it costs nothing, it is practiced walking and breathing pure, naked and free air, in places not frequented. The benefits? With full contact with nature you will experience unusual and above all unique sensations. If "abandonment in French" indicates nudist trekking, in Italy there is no ad hoc word and could be classified as "solitary depravity".

And yes, in the Bel Paese they still resist the ancient medieval legacy of those who practice nudism and especially the younger innovators who reject both the social and the natural nude. The naked bond = sex and naked woman = sexual desire still remains strong, and still the binomial naked woman = sexual approach. bigots will associate the naked woman = whore and the naked man = saw. But where should the change that so many nudist promoters come from?

The desire to get naked is a faculty that is guaranteed from birth. Society does not justify nudity and denigrates it in all ways and ancestral desire is gradually waning. The strongest characters resist and the desire remains alive. So what do we do? Very few solutions. The domestic nudist, of which we have already illustrated, nudism on the outside, also already illustrated and abandonment or nudism on foot.

Every place outside the city, in the countryside, in the mountains, there is the possibility of finding a path or a path little frequented by people. Do we complain about the traffic and all those who requested the car for a hundred meters? Well, I tell you for sure that the tracks and paths of the sheep are no longer practiced. It is therefore possible to go trekking, completely undressing.

The only allowed equipment are boots and a backpack. If it's a deserted beach, not even boots. What is your fear? To meet someone, you will tell me. Well, say hi to him and proceed on your own. Some will be surprised, others will envy your courage, still others will smile. By avoiding doing so in the presence of minors or women with children, sacred places, multitudes of people, avoiding obscenity, using it accordingly, your behavior is legal. Simple nudity cannot be punished.

What do those who have tried it say? And who are those who have tried? We immediately dissolve a mental legacy that always recurs. Whoever undresses is not a psychopath, voyeur or wanker. The practice of nudism is implemented both by people who play a role in society and by ordinary people.

Unfortunately, as we pointed out above, the fact that society sanctions nudism, those who practice it are careful not to advertise what they do, even among family members. Yet those who practice nudism are normal people. He understood the benefits and prefers it in the practical understanding of getting drunk on Friday night.

Going out with the penis and the free buttocks is a sensation of considerable pleasure. The release of the tissue in those parts from an emotional charge that balances connected to the body. Feeling free in a natural external context strengthens the natural defenses of our body and mind. For women, the feeling of freedom is associated with that of the tranquility of not being circulated and attacked. The nude becomes pleasure and personal emotions and not sexual approaches.

If we expose the sexual organ, the sexual genders throughout our body, it is normal for hormones to be produced and it will be time to unload them. Supporting that theory that uses nudism will necessarily lead to the production of excess hormones and therefore masturbation will necessarily be necessary to avoid, in fact, generating senseless headshots with other nudism practitioners.

To be clearer, it is normal that by practicing nudism you will want to have sex, but compared to others and avoiding obscene acts in public, masturbation is used. It is a necessary practice for the balance of the body, both male and female. Practically in a good mood it would be useful to masturbate every day.

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