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How to manage nudism in phase 2 of the pandemic

Nudism in 2020 will head towards the countryside, free and isolated. Here are my 5 tips!

The pandemic forced us to stay home. you have taken the habit of staying free without bras and without briefs. More and more? Without anything on. Well, you became a nudist practitioner. But now you must be able to do it even outside the home. Like? Here are my tips.

As I have shown you, you can continue practicing nudism with caution and naturalness. You won't have to perform or scandal, practice nudism when nobody is around. You can only do this in places unthinkable to the masses, at times when people are at home. A large crowd will pour out at the end of the pandemic and if you want to practice nude you have to do it following my advice.

Here are my 5 tips on how to manage Phase 2 of the pandemic:

1) Plan to restart the sporting activity with light clothes: do not wear briefs or a bra. When nobody is there, take off your shirt and run naked. 2) Plan isolated country outings to oxygenate yourself with light clothes: when there is no one, get naked except for your shoes. Walk quickly, run, do free body exercises. 3) To avoid the lurking risks of coronavirus, avoid meetings in open and closed places. You prefer to be alone with your naked body. 4) The beaches will continue to be closed, so you can do nudism only in secluded places that are not touristy and not frequented by multitudes of people. 5) Unthinkable places will not be frequented and you alone can practice healthy nudism.

Can't get to an isolated countryside? You can opt for nudism at night or at unusual times, on the terrace, in a secluded place in the city.

if you can't find an isolated outdoor location, STAY HOME

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