outdoor | nudism Author: Peter kayaker Apr 2020

How to manage nudism in phase 2 of the pandemic

Nudism in 2020 will head towards the countryside, free and isolated. Here are my 5 tips!

In a few weeks you will be able to leave your home where you have experienced nudism. The danger of contamination will now be limited. But you have become a nudist and you will want to undress, but you will want to do it outside the home. Here's how to practice nudism in phase 2 without meeting anyone.

Phase 2 of the pandemic includes a set of health safety rules. In nudism the same precautions must be used. Can we do healthy outdoor nudism during phase 2? Sure, but we must prefer a reserved and isolated nudism. help yourself with Google Maps or similar and identify the most isolated areas of countryside, mountains. Look for areas with unpaved roads, where there are no agglomerations of houses or factories.

Here are my 5 tips on how to manage Phase 2 of the pandemic:

  • 1) prepare a backpack with food and water, a sanitary kit, a towel or mattress, a pillow, an umbrella, a sunscreen, a torch, a blanket, a good book. And if you also have the possibility of a tent for any overnight stay with related accessories
  • 2) search on google maps or similar an area little frequented by people. Prefer the isolated countryside, where there is no imminent collection work. So no to the sea, rivers or areas that are usually touristy and popular.
  • 3) When you can leave the house, follow the pre-established path. Really find the place you like. Take the path and head to a panoramic area where you can control any people's access. Search the area and stop when you think it is suitable for staying naked.
  • 4) You can now strip off unnecessary fabric clothing and a mask. If you want to run freely in the fields, you will only keep your shoes. Enjoy the air of dreams now, with flies and ants. Running and walking naked in the countryside is an exciting experience.
  • 5) Spread the towel and make yourself comfortable, read in the open air, naked under a tree alternating with the sun will give your body a lot of health.
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