"nudity" is a taboo word
taboo | nudity Author: Kephas October 2020

Have you ever wondered why for most people "nudity" is a taboo word?

A ban that dates back to Genesis but which today has lost its importance. Nudity as a new form of brotherhood?

the need for nudity is innocent

There are words that most people don't even mention or even bother to hear. One of them is "nudity". Considering that it is the keyword of this digital tabloid, you can imagine that its diffusion will always be limited. So Kayakweb is precluded to all those who are afraid of nudity. And yet the Greeks exalted nudity with beautiful sculptures, in gymnasiums the athletes trained naked and in the Olympics themselves the challenges were free-bodies. And those who have culture in their DNA should know that clothing is an invention to make money out of workers. The absolute ban that all States on the planet have on public nudity is no longer sustainable. On social networks is evident the desire for nudity as an antidote to the deterioration of one's body and mind. The absolute ban is archaic and still resists as centuries ago the ban on women's vote resisted. Have you ever wondered why for most people "nudity" is a taboo word?

Nudity as a new form of brotherhood?

I take this answer in full from Quora According to the account in Genesis, Adam and Eve were created sinless and were naked in the Garden of Eden. Those two were told by Jehovah God to fill the Earth (with offspring) and also commanded to not eat the fruit off the tree in the center of the garden. God told them that if t hey ate of the fruit they would die (Implying that they would otherwise never die nor would their children after them if they obeyed God, which can be substantiated by other scriptured as well.)You probably know that they then ate the forbidden fruit (which was a sin) and were sentenced to death. Once they ate the fruit, they know what their sentence was - death. They also would've known that their children would inherit their sinfulness and die as well. Their actions sentenced all mankind to death. They must have been ashamed and covered their genitalia in shame. That act has continued down to our day, especially in countries that widely believe the Genesis account. Note, however, that there is nothing in the scriptures that imply that we may not have covered our genitalia eventually, even if nobody had ever sinned. Eventually, the Christian congregation was established and men and women were exhorted to be modest. The Israelites were also to be modest even before Jesus came to Earth. Both were instructed to not have sexual relations with anyone other than their mate. Obviously, everyone being naked would not discourage fornication. Hence, the need to be dressed modestly. It has been a part of Jewish and Christian culture and lifestyle to clothe themselves.

Why don't you try to examine yourself and let me know why you are afraid of nudity?

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