quarantine | nude Author: Peter kayaker Mar 2020

Experience quarantine in a positive way.

Free your mind from social conditioning, get naked and live new experiences by discovering new sensations.

Are you isolated in your home for a quarantine or for mandatory provisions due to a pandemic? I will tell you how to turn this dark period into a new light.

First. Take care of yourself, physically and psychologically. Prepare a reading plan on the topics that attract you and buy books online.

Second. Do you have sports equipment? If you have them, use them. Otherwise buy them online.

Third. You are isolated and in your home you must not respect any rules, neither legal nor moral. So tackle the subject of your naked body, take off all your clothes to be completely naked.

Fourth. Live these days completely naked, have breakfast, work on the PC, call, chat, read, watch TV, eat, clean, do it yourself, exercise, dance, sleep naked.

Fifth. The sense of freedom will lead you to masturbation. Know that it is perfectly normal and everyone does it. Except that with nudity you accept masturbation as a natural fact. In other contexts you experience it as something bad.

Last. Nudity at home, alone or shared with your partner or family member, or roommate, is accepted more than you think. Convince yourself that nudity is not depravity, and if someone opposes your state of nudity, you can always make them read many arguments in favor of nudism. So I don't see why you have to just enjoy this effective method of absolute enjoyment.


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