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Now naked to live better

I want to encourage you to nudism by telling my first experiences and those of my social friends.

I want to encourage you to nudism by telling my first experiences and those of my social friends. A data collection project maybe to make a story out of it. It is important to be able to remember the first approach because it marks a starting point. I do not dwell on the benefits of nudism but I can say that getting naked is useful for the respect of women and others. Thanks to Marina (in the photo) and other social friends for their availability and their stories. I believe that this project should remain open to corrections and implementations.

For most people innocent childhood nudity is interrupted when they grow up because of conservative family upbringing, religious imperatives, the cultural binomial nudity-sexuality, protection. I remember when I was 10 years old I saw my cousin of 5 years old going into the street naked and her mother running after him shouting and beating her with a broom. It's a maternal sense of protection towards her daughter against a society that associates nudity with sex. In their own intimacy, room or house, no one knows how vast the phenoment of being naked is. One cannot even venture statistics of how many people benefit from the good practice of sleeping naked in bed or reading. Marina tells us that while I was growing up I always wondered why my family and people in general were ashamed of being naked. I remember that when I was little my mother used to walk around naked in front of me. But, growing up, she suddenly didn't anymore and I always wondered why. This curiosity led me to the discovery of naturism.

You start by being naked in your own bed, then you stay in your room all day naked studying or listening to music. Then you become familiar with the whole house; you continue to take the liberty of being naked on your own terrace because you are more aware of where others may not look. Contact with others who share nudity is always limited because there is fear of being judged. In almost every culture in the world, when a woman shows herself naked it is a sign of sexual desire. Changing such a petty male mentality is the one to do in the coming years, especially on social networks where most nude images are consumed. On hot summer afternoons I (PeterK) remember that when everyone was asleep we would jump out of windows already naked and then in the garden we would play and forget that we were naked.

In puberty, the acceptance or non-acceptance of one's own body, relationships with family members and schoolmates play out. It's common not to have any chance to be naked at home with your parents, as Marina

confirms. I've never had the opportunity to be naked at home. As I was growing up, I always wondered why my family and people in general were ashamed of naked bodies. When I became economically self-sufficient I was able to walk around the house naked. I started working to keep fit. That way I was satisfied with the way my body looked.

In adulthood approaches to naturism are one's own choice, sometimes random and sometimes to find relief as in yoga. As for everyone, the first time is remembered with feeling. Here is Marina's story.

My first trip to a nudist resort was when I was 20. I was pretty nervous. I didn't know what to expect. What people would think of my body. But when I got there, there was nothing better than I had imagined. Nobody cared what my body looked like. Nobody cared how anyone looked. Some were just topless while others were completely naked. Everyone was so welcoming. It didn't take me long to get comfortable. It was at this moment that I realized that I belonged here. I was glad to take that trip that day. Those who live alone have more freedom and have to deal only with themselves. But it is not necessarily that living naked interests him; he will get naked to have sex and will see nudity believing only that it is sex.

Who practises nudism must ask himself if his future partner will accept it? What will be the arguments in favour of nudism at home? Living naked improves the relationship, regulates the hormonal phases, will feel less cold and less hot, improves hygiene, creates mutual respect, it will be easy to accept changes in the body.

I (PeterK) despite a beautiful relationship with my partner, I could not convince her to do nudism and I am content to do it alone.

There are those who have an advantage for open-mindedness, there are those who find the already nudist partner as Martina

I met my future husband at a nudist resort. We're always naked when we're at home. We only get dressed when we have people who are uncomfortable with nudity. My family and friends know I'm a naturist. They're fine with them, but they're not naturists.

Doing naturism in a single house with garden together with your partner is the best, but not everyone has these elements in favor. How should you practice nudism in an apartment in the city? Certainly not in public gardens but in the house, on a protected balcony or terrace and in the garage you can express yourself freely. Write to the computer, watch TV, have breakfast, receive and make phone calls, water the flowers. I met a storyteller who wrote better if naked, but her stories are erotic!

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