sex | network Author: Peter kayaker Apr 2020

The new nudists have arrived on the web

Adult girls and women show their genitals without fear. Because?

The new nudists are part of a female tendency against all sexual violence and belonging.

In this pandemic, forced to stay at home, new nudists are born. But who are they and what differences compared to classical nudists? First of all, the new nudists have experienced that at home you can feel comfortable and relaxed without unnecessary clothing. Alone or in pairs, with the fear of covid19, the new nudists have abandoned their clothes without posing moral problems.

The more daring also on the terraces and balconies brightened their days by warming themselves in the sun completely naked. The new nudists are interactive and the pandemic has broken down the barriers of fear of the naked body.

Many new levers for nudists, very young and even older, are competing to publish their photos on the most permissive social network, namely Twitter. In this immensity of naked bodies the new nudists have experimented with new models at home: cleaning, having breakfast, chatting, reading or watching a movie. The new nudists compensated for the lack of freedom to live life outside with nudity inside the house. At home if you are naked you don't commit a crime. What do the new nudists show?

Everything and more! They compete with each other to show off their genitals. They do it with selfies and with short videos and without fear. But in the end what do they lose? dignity? It is a spontaneous, underground, worldwide women's movement, virtual to protest against violence and against any male possession right.

So not only the new nudists benefit from the advantages of the naked body, but it is also a way to protest against advertising that favors a beautiful body, against the exploitation of nudity, against male possession. Nudity no longer rhymes with a sexual approach, since for nudists the nude is for the benefit of the body. After the pandemic, what will the new nudists do?

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