The nudity in your home will compensate for the lack of freedom
lookdown | nudity Author: Kephas October 2020

Here are the first 5 things to do before the new lookdown

The nudity in your home will compensate for the lack of freedom and the sharing of nudity will compensate for the lack of sociality

social nudity is cheerful
  • 1) Enjoy your naked freedom now while waiting for constraints
  • There is no more time for second thoughts about nudity. It is a good thing for body and mind and this even if our naked body should be seen by other people. Overcome this dilemma of yours and be stronger about your fear of being seen. Consider positive people who unexpectedly see a naked person. Not everyone is a sexual maniac, in fact statistically they are just a numerical nullity.

    the first step for sharing one's nudity is to hide elements of recognizability
  • 2) Replenish food reserves
  • Reprocess your food reserves according to your taste with food that you can store especially without a refrigerator. Try new tastes! If you have the space, get some vegetable seed, pots and soil in sacks. If the pandemic lasts a long time, you can sow plants that will bear fruit without poisons. Don't forget your pets.

    preparing the breakfast half-naked is a good method to start living naked with other co-habitants
  • 3) prepare your home to live free and naked
  • The past experience of lookdown will have taken you by surprise. Now you are more experienced and can make structural changes to your home in order to experience the pandemic in the best possible way. Get comfortable clothes if you really suffer the cold, to wear without underwear. On the walls you can install large posters depicting nature or the sea or what makes you free. Rugs, large pillows, pail and everything strictly colored to stimulate our organism forced to live in small spaces. If you are renting you can still look for a new home; if you are the owner you can still tear down walls and install a large window; if you have balconies you can install wooden grills and put flowers and plants. If you live in a shared dwelling, or others adapt to your strategic plan including nudity or it is better that you change to

    nude exercises keep your body and mind ready to share on social networks
  • 4) contact other nudists to share their home nudity
  • Why share your nudity with those who live with you or other people who like to live naked? First of all, it is possible that those who live with you do not like to be naked and so if you want company it is better to look for it elsewhere on social networks or nudist chats. Nudist friends will be supportive of you and will be willing to share their daily nudity. Afraid of being recognized? Just think about this: there are 7 billion of us in the world!

    nudity is the same for everyone, making it joyful is a gift
  • 5) Equip yourself for a home gym
  • The fifth point is no less important. If you have not already done so, equip your home to be an excellent gym. And ee you have space can also mount a sauna and a hot tub. It is important that you perform the exercises naked without anything on!

    By now we can say that it is trend to share your nude images, even without face or references that can recognize you.

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