pandemic | nude Author: Peter kayaker Apr 2020

Naked at the time of the pandemic

Among the things to do at the time of the pandemic is to practice nude with ease at home

On Twitter, the brave followers who publish naked have increased. Start by making coffee in the kitchen, naked. Then breakfast with an orange. Reading naked excites you more. Haven't you tried? Chatting naked with your PC is fun. You can take selfies by intriguing your followers. The tweets follow each other, the followers exchange photos and hope that the pandemic will end soon. A penis near the cup of tea or a vagina near a fruit become the most sought after photos. Why not get naked and share nudity with others?

I'll tell you how to do it: 1) create a special account and don't share it with your real friends 2) do not insert references that could make you recognize 3) publish your photos with the details of your naked body 4) become familiar with the followers.

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