friends | naked Author: Kephas September 2020

If I share my naked body on social media why not in real life?

shared accommodation for study or work? Now it is also a trend to share one's nudity, as on social networks

College students, friends, co-workers, all sharing housing for different purposes, normal. But what if they all shared their nakedness together? Normal! It's not that difficult to get started.

In fact, the growing trend of sharing your intimate photos on social networks immediately the moral barriers of nudity. And bras and panties go away easily for a more comfortable, communal life at home. And why not post the group nudity on social Twitter? Not images of nudity built perhaps to make money, but images of normal life in common: they prepare coffee in the morning, disheveled and without makeup, then there is reading or studying on the sofa or desk, then they cook and wash the dishes.

And you who follow them day by day because you are curious and are there waiting for the next photo: what will they do next? will they do more? and you get attached to them and you become a fan of them: you greet them in the morning, and then you wish them goodnight.

They don't post porn photos, but maybe you really want to, but don't press them for it, you wait and the days go by. A modern photographic telenovela, low cost, without a famous director. Becoming famous? No, thanks, we like to be free and anonymous.

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