pandemic | nude Author: Peter kayaker Apr 2020

Home nude pandemic

Continue my analysis of the new trends of nudism in pandemic times.

If it is true that the pandemic will last until 2025, our habits will really change. New styles will therefore be on the horizon. The house will be our kingdom and no longer the exterior. Greta and her climate advocates had warned us. Either pollution or a derivative (and the coronavirus is a derivative of human unconsciousness in the face of nature) will force us to change our attitude. Why have we delayed online work, online shopping, the creation of an online school, the simplification of online offices? we take the car to walk from home to work, from work to offices, from shops to home. That does not make sense! Consume and pollute to fortify capitalism and the gain of a few.

And for us nudists what will the new habits be like? The nudist exterior is compromised, as are the meetings and therefore the saunas, swimming pools, common oases. That's why the domestic connection and that of the nudists will be the protagonists of the new nudism. So get organized to create a nudist oasis in your home. Turn any useless corner of your home into a space open to the naked. Protect your balcony from prying eyes, turn the garage into an oasis. The nude in this pandemic phase is healthy. Our body will be able to compensate for the lack of outside air with nudity. Sociability is compromised by the pandemic. So why not create new contacts with social networks? Contacts for true friendships. In short, you have to create a reality shared through social media (I prefer only Twitter) by sharing your usual, real and normal nudity moment by moment.

The advantages? For those who are already nudist, they will continue to practice nudism in a home but shared environment as they did before the pandemic: the only difference from outside to inside. For newcomers to practice nudism at home and connect with followers is an opportunity to break down their false moral barrier.

On Twitter, nudist accounts have increased significantly. There will be fakes, will you say? It may be, but the photos of naked girls and women? all the whores? I do not believe! They are part of that creeping social movement made by women of all ages to show their nakedness. They are tired of the exploitation of the male, of advertising, of fashion, of cosmetics. What they want is to make their body beautiful despite their age and to infuse a new culture with new canons of beauty.

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