Earth | pandemic Author: Peter kayaker Apr 2020

Joyful day for Earth

Celebrate because it breathes, because there is no noise, because it does not pollute much. Can we understand in the near future that respect for the Terra condominium is vital?

Will we be able to understand that Greta and her followers are right? Will we be able to change our habits? Will women be more thrifty in the consumption of detergents? Will men stop driving in cars for unnecessary purposes? Can we consume less to respect the Earth's resources? MORE CONSUMPTION = MORE INCOME = MORE JOB is no longer valid. In the near future, coronavirus-type adverse events will be more frequent. Think of the heat waves that last over 50 degrees, think of the persistent rain for 12 months, think of the non-eradicable viruses, think of the poisons that will be present on everything you touch, think of the sea that immerses the coasts for thousands of miles. What can we do? Do not give blank political proxies when you go to vote.

Could you in the near future be clamoring for these points?

  • 1) Telework from home, to avoid displacements and pollution
  • 2) Eat only organic food and very little meat, avoiding abundance
  • 3) consume less detergents, and use natural based ones
  • 4) stop it with the unbridled consumption of useless objects for the home and for your person
  • 5) slow down your business, work is only useful enough to survive, the superfluous rest will damage the Earth and the population
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