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Is a virtual sexual fantasy positive?

We find the ideal sexual partner on social media.

It is always true that new inventions bring changes the more innovative and epochal they are. Explicitly sexual and erotic videos and photos at no cost easily visible on a smartphone have radically changed the way of experiencing the couple's true relationship. You can get out of the routine of the relationship consisting of family duties, work stress, exhausting social environments and, above all, incomplete sex, simply with a smartphone. a new element has secretly entered: virtual sexual intercourse or remote masturbation via digital network devices.

The relationship is different from the real one, it has completely different outlines, you can let yourself go to sexual behaviors that would otherwise be miserable. The problem or the moral that comes to mind is whether this type of behavior should be considered a violation of the fidelity of the couple's relationship. That masturbation is an outlet for both partners is a truth hidden behind a finger. The problem, if anything, is whether this type of relationship has implications for the life of a real couple and to what extent it is able to change the relationship of the couple. Surely it must be considered an improvement when the sexual outlet remains without any sentimental involvement and without the virtual relationship being with a fixed partner. Charles Pierce's old maxim is always valid "Sex is like a bridge: if you don't have a good partner, it's better to have a good hand".


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