Author: Peter kayaker 13 october 2019

No bra for all women

A lifestyle that makes you free from any male-dominated prejudice.

Here is the truly free style of the woman: without the bra. And nobody has the right to judge women for this.

October 13th is the day dedicated to free breasts. All women in the world should take a break. No cage for a day and feel the freedom of the breasts under a T-shirt or pullover. It is overwhelming - a woman says - getting up every morning and putting on my bra to go to work. Women, don't you think it's time to have the same rights as men?

I don't understand - says a woman - if we refuse to let our breasts show or is it the fear of being judged by whores? And even if this were the case, this prejudice would melt the instant in which millions of women would no longer use their bra.

Let us ask ourselves above all who is behind the prejudices? A mediocre chauvinist society or economic interests of well-known bras brands?

Does the bra affect your soul?

(Marina) I’m a woman that goes braless most of the time. I wake up in the morning, put on a dress, no bra, and admire my braless, bare-all look in the mirror. Breasts are a natural part of everybody’s body but have been deemed inappropriate on women. This is largely due to the media sexualizing them. I feel my most confident and empowered when I’m braless. Not only is going braless more convenient, but it’s also a symbolic middle finger to a society that says women’s breasts should always be caged in a bra and that we should be prim, proper, and pretty at all times.

Women now know that both small and large breasts make no difference. Showing it only increases women's self-esteem. Imagine so many women without bra going around the city. Can you think that so many men will point your eyes hungry for sex?

Does this cage hurt the breast?

(Marina) According to a study the women who didn’t wear a bra had fewer stretch marks than those who did wear a bra. Furthermore, their breasts were actually firmer than the women who wore bras. While bras might serve a purpose for working out, wearing them all the time can do much more harm than good.

How to start? The first time wear a dark and not very transparent garment. And if a woman at work tells you something, let her promote the nobra, enumerating the advantages of being without a cage.

(Marina) If you always wear a bra, you don’t give the breasts a chance to “air out,” if you will. In modern society, we simply don’t need to wear a bra all the time. Aside from sleeping, women are expected to wear a bra during every other activity, including at work, school, the gym, and at social events. However, just because it’s a social norm doesn’t mean women have to abide by it.

That the war to get the equal rights of the topless is against a society and not between us women. We all have nipples.

Not wearing a bra is a good habit to protect your breast from stretch marks and in severe cases from the tumor. The No Bra Day wants to make women aware of their breasts. Free is better.

Now in the world there are so many protests climate migration flows, women's liberation. And yet there are males against, favored by religious interpretations.

Actresses, ecologists, naturists, are in the front row to spread the bra no.

To save the earth from the environmental disaster, it is necessary to adopt a simpler style of life.

Don't appreciate politicians and male leaders who speculate on the nipples that show through the clothes of their political opponents or activists.

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