A freestyle for women? No bra

Style slutty and bra less. Free breast for the woman. A supporter explains why

freestyle interview

Author: Peter kayaker

Can you describe your charm for us? I'm a fun, spunky, sexual-free thinker. I love cars and driving, movies and orgasms ;)

What are the lifestyles of a modern woman? The "Modern woman" can be anything she wants to be. ANYTHING. No job title, no accomplishment, no goal is out of reach. It's a wonderful time to be alive and a woman. You can have a family AND a carrier.. heck you can change your pronouns to he, him and live your Life as a man it you want.

What are your most significant experiences?My life was shaped by two things.. my four years at Spelman College, which is an all girls historically Black College In Atlanta. And moving to Los Angeles. Spelman is where I came into my own.. meeting women that ran the gambit from Strong to Petty in the extreme. Marched on Black police brutality long before #BlackLivesMatter and had relationships with men and women who would shape who I would become. And moving to Los Angeles would prove to be a second awakening.. here everything is possible, almost nothing is taboo. So I explored swinging and philosophy and yoga and the art of appreciating really good sushi.

How do you reach the body's positivity?Body positivity is a different journey for every women.. sometimes the issues are deep seated from childhood where family members would pick apart the flaws of a girl to the point where she couldn't look at herself objectively. In my case it was more about getting over society's TRIPLE STANDARD about women's dress and bodies. Let me give you an example.. a man wears a shirt unbuttoned to his bellybutton, he's thought of as virile, manly and strong. A woman showing the same amount of skin is shunned by other women and called a slut. BUT the triple standard is that 98% of Men desire a woman who's willing to dress "Slutty". Thus my hashtag #SluttyisSexy. Women need to own their power. Where what they choose without being shamed for owning their sexuality.

What is your favorite dress? For a woman is it necessary to follow the fashion?My favorite dress is a DVF wrap dress.. deep cleavage and a high slit. every femme woman should have one. That woman had a gift for making you feel feminine yet powerful. That and some sky high heels I'm at my sexiest. I follow fashion but that's my choice... some women follow fashion the way men do, more of a basic guideline than the GOSPELS ACCORDING TO Tom Ford the way I do

Do you wear panties or a thong under your jeans? How long does it take you to decide what to wear?A thong under jeans or a skirt for practical reasons.. but it can easily be discarded if the occasion arises. It can take me 30 seconds to go to the mall or a week to attend a fancy party

What is your public nudity emotion?The world is changing, public nudity is less of an issue now because the nude body has been demystified because of the Internet.. every 15 yo boy has seen more breasts than his father at the same age. there should be clothing equality for men and women and the way of the world is moving in that direction.

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