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Bike challenge for five naked girls

For fun they challenged themselves to get naked: five girls did it and I'll tell you how it really went.

Sometimes getting naked is a challenge. And I understood that in Sedniv, Ukraine. On the morning of September 11th, five girls, companions of the Ukrainian hostel where I had slept with them for a few days, made a sign to me to ride a bicycle and join them on a journey through the woods of the countryside. The hot sun allowed us to still wear light clothes. I took my Leica, shirt, shorts but without briefs and I was immediately ready. The girls had very short tank tops and shorts. I was excited because they weren't wearing bra and panties. At the first bend after the village, the first girl took off the tank top, the others did the same. Their breasts made me lift my penis by pedaling. Halfway they turned towards the woods, then stopped, looked at each other in defiance. One of them had courage and took off his shorts, remaining naked. The other imitated her and then another, until all five were naked.

Their vaginal hair was blond, brown, black. They made me blush, but they didn't care about me. It was a challenge between them: five girls on bicycles completely naked. I realized it was time to pull out my Leica and take pictures. Each of them was proud of having overcome the taboo of nudity on the outside. I got as close to them as possible and felt their sweat. Their sexual organs were alive, their hearts were beating wildly, my penis was at its peak, but I managed to be rational and take pictures from every angle that showed professionalism. They looked at a horizon and resumed pedaling on the path between trees and meadows. I wanted to be the saddle of their bike to enjoy a show that is unique in the world. I contented myself with being the last one in line and watching their asses crushed in the saddle. When they reached the top, they lay down on the lawn to take that little late-summer sunlight from the Ukrainian prairie. I couldn't resist and asked them if I could masturbate.


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