It's time to accept nudism.

Enthusiasts of nudism and naturism would identify with many of my themes, says P.A. Choi, freelance erotica author, in this interview

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interview by PeterK

P.A.Choi what is the world of your protagonists? Very much the same world we live in now, though in many stories it is a world that has a slightly more relaxed attitude towards nudity. I would say it is the world we could potentially live in in the near future. For example, in my collection "Adventures in Nakedtown," there are stories that have situations that are almost a little fantastical, with people stripping down in public with little consequence. But then again, these situations are not hard to believe

What messages will readers get from your erotic stories? As far as what messages my readers would get from my works: it would largely be the acceptance of nudism/social nudity, that there is nothing wrong with the human body and nothing wrong with casual nudity, and it should be celebrated. Enthusiasts of nudism and naturism would identify with many of my themes. However, sometimes there are sexual themes, and the philosophy of nudism is that nudism isn't always sexual. While I agree with that, i also express at times the intersection between nudity and eroticism. For many people, nudity is exciting. Sometimes it is exciting without being sexual, sometimes it is very erotic. I like for this excitement to present itself in my stories.

what is your inspirational muse? My inspirational muse would have to be the fantastic work of erotic photography studios, especially from the early 2000s. Those would be Most Erotic Teens (now MET-Art) Galitsin Archives, Hegre Archives, and DOMAI. Currently the website Femjoy upholds that standard. Basically, what I find erotic, to the point that it becomes almost spiritual (it does!) fuels my writing. My short story "The Legend of Valia" was a direct tribute to this.

what is your last story? Can you talk to us? My latest story, just released today, is a very short story called "Bare Bottoms Beer Brewery." It is about a brewery that decides to become clothing-optional, and how one group of people spends their evening there. It's non-sexual, though the main character, Hannah, definitely looks at a male suitor in a titillating light. I mostly write just short stories, as they are the most profitable form of erotica (as opposed to novels and novellas, which are better-suited for romance, and I have little interest in romance). My last long work was a novella called "Night Swims," which is more heart-felt and less funny than most of my works, and has a romantic spirit to it. It has a special place on my heart, and some of the scenes are especially important to me (I wrote some of it while on vacation, during which I almost drowned, and I put that experience into the story the very evening after it happened).

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