pandemic naked

Naked at the time of the pandemic

pandemic | nudism

Among the things to do at the time of the pandemic is to practice nude with ease at home


Free bodies in a free world

virtual no bra

To create opportunities for self-actualization through body-freedom

We are a growing group of free-spirited adults who believe that being naked is a wholesome, enlightened and creative way of experiencing life.

The Iconographic beach of Zipolite, on the coast of the State of Oaxaca, the only place that accepts nudism in Mexico, is seeking to become a world destination. In past years it hosted the sixth edition of the Latin American Meeting of Nudism (ELAN VI). The festival aims to promote and publicize the famous Mexican beach worldwide. The event includes meeting conferences, but also planned is a program of activities such as yoga, dance, theater and meditation.
quarantine nude

Experience quarantine in a positive way.

trekking Author: Peter kayaker

Free your mind from social conditioning, get naked and live new experiences by discovering new sensations.

Are you isolated in your home for a quarantine or for mandatory provisions due to a pandemic? I will tell you how to turn this dark period into a new light.

virtual sex releases our erotic fantasy

virtual sex releases our erotic fantasy

sex virtual

These are virtual sexual relationships, in real time at a distance, with remote masturbation through digital network devices.

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Sex moves the world, it was said once

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Who hasn't had the curiosity to see a black pussy? Or take the measurements of white and black cocks?

bra less  

Confessions of a woman who said no to the use of a bra

virtual no bra

In modern society, we simply don’t need to wear a bra all the time

I’m a woman that goes braless most of the time. I wake up in the morning, put on a dress, no bra, and admire my braless, bare-all look in the mirror.

According to a study the women who didn’t wear a bra had fewer stretch marks than those who did wear a bra.

trekking naked

Walking naked, a natural lifestyle

trekking Author: Peter kayaker

Bare trekking is a practice that is opening up followers in nudist countries.

What do those who have tried it say? And who are those who have tried? We immediately dissolve a mental legacy that always recurs..

It's free, it costs nothing, it is practiced walking and breathing pure, naked and free air, in places not frequented. The benefits? With full contact with nature you will experience unusual and above all unique sensations.
II await the coronavirus in this way, naked

I await the coronavirus in this way, naked

freestyle virus

The intense smell opens my lungs.

When you have house guests, let them know that your home is clothing optional.

When you have house guests, let them know that your home is clothing optional.

free body | nudism

Nudism is about comfort, freedom, friendship, and acceptance. Nudism is a way of life and a belief that the nude human body is not inherently sexual or obscene.

Sure we can live life without nudity, but life is so much better with it, why pass it up?
Is a virtual sexual fantasy positive?  

Is a virtual sexual fantasy positive?

virtual sexo

We find the ideal sexual partner on social media.

It is always true that new inventions bring changes the more innovative and epochal they are. Explicitly sexual and erotic videos and photos at no cost easily visible on a smartphone have radically changed the way of experiencing the couple's true relationship.

Bra stop for all wome

Bike challenge for five naked girls

free body | my diary

For fun they challenged themselves to get naked: five girls did it and I'll tell you how it really went.

(...) I took my Leica, shirt, shorts but without briefs and I was immediately ready. The girls had very short tank tops and shorts... When they reached the top, they lay down on the lawn to take that little late-summer sunlight from the Ukrainian prairie.
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I share my experiences as a nudist on Twitter

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What kind of problem could there be in publishing one's own nudity? Being denigrated or referred to as perverse people?
I want to kiss a black girl

I want to kiss a black girl

freestyle bw generation

Black and white sexual integration will generate a new humanity

Today in Europe there are uninhabited urban areas with subcultural areas that need new genetics.

Bra stop for all wome

No bra for all women

lifestyle NO BRA DAY

A lifestyle that makes you free from any male-dominated prejudice

Here is the truly free style of the woman: no bra. And nobody has the right to judge women for this. Actresses, ecologists, naturists are at the forefront "without a bra". Don't appreciate politicians and male leaders who speculate on the nipples of opposing women or political activists. No Bra Day October 13th
My erotic charge comes from the Yoni massage

Polina Klepko: My erotic charge comes from the Yoni massage.

freestyle When women do not need the male's phallus

When women do not need the male's phallus

Can eroticism be combined with yoni? Polina is a yoni masseuse and her erotic charge is divine.

The yoni massage is the last frontier that the woman has to free herself from the stress of an oppressive society.
A freestyle for women? No bra

A freestyle for women? No bra

freestyle no-bra

Style slutty and bra less. Free breast for the woman. A supporter explains why

The world is changing, public nudity is less of an issue now because the nude body has been demystified because of the Internet...


Topless in New York is legal

naturism law

Since 1992, women have had the legal right to be topless in public in New York. Jeff is a lawyer with a passion for photography. He promotes the right to equality by photographing topless women

Bruno Busnelli

El desnudo en sí mismo es una expresión de libertad tremenda

urban nudism photo

Interview with Bruno Busnelli ph and your urban nudism art

El naturismo, o desnudismo existió desde siempre, así venimos al mundo, desnudos. El nudismo urbano es como la plastilina, o una masa para hacer pan, podes usarlo como te parezca o como te salga, protesta, arte, amor, locura, filosofía...

Nude is not porn

Nude is not porn

interview with Martisha, founder of the twitter group USF STUDENT LESBIAN NATURISTS

nudist social

The nude is not porn, it is not perversion, but a lifestyle, free and in contact with nature. On social networks there are many groups that illustrate this. I interviewed Martisha, founder of the twitter group USF STUDENT LESBIAN NATURISTS. USF is a real group that meets on campus, in private homes, in nudist resorts and nudist beaches, nudist places, organizes trips

P.A. Choi, freelance erotica author

It's time to accept nudism.

Enthusiasts of nudism and naturism would identify with many of my themes, says P.A. Choi, freelance erotica author, in this interview

erotica author

it would largely be the acceptance of nudism/social nudity, that there is nothing wrong with the human body and nothing wrong with casual nudity, and it should be celebrated.